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BeSoccer - Football Live Score is a very simple app that lets you access all of the most important soccer information from around the world, in a simple and clean interface that only shows you the data you're really interested in.

Knowing that Pique's girlfriends has callouses on her right foot, or that Pepe got a rectal exam is all fine and dandy, but what real soccer fans really want to know is who scored the goals and when they were scored. Or better yet: when they will be scored.

The main goal of BeSoccer - Football Live Score is to satisfy all these needs. The app comes with detailed information regarding all of the matches for that day in Europe's most important leagues (and some of the not so important ones as well).

You'll get all the details regarding every match in the BBVA league (Spanish first division), and the Adelante league (Spain’s second division), but you'll also get the four groups from the B Second Division, Third Division, Regional Divisions, and even some of the Juvenile leagues.

You'll also get information from matches outside of Spain. England, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Scotland, Russia... the most important divisions from just about all European countries are included in this app.

You'll be able to see the same information for every match: start time, channels you can watch it on, strikers, cards, incidents... anything you could possibly want to know about a match will be included.

Apart from the results, BeSoccer - Football Live Score , offers up-to-date scoreboards for all the leagues. That means that you can follow who is leading each one of Europe's leagues, as well as check out who’s at the bottom as well.

BeSoccer - Football Live Score is an excellent app for fans of the king of sports, who will find all the information they could possible want and need regarding their favorite teams (and their not so favorite ones as well).
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 2.3 or higher